Web Development

We are a boutique agency of a small group of individuals who’ve been working in the industry for over a decade. Our vast experience includes working with some of the world’s biggest companies, working with leading-edge technologies, and building some of the world’s most advanced web applications.

We Develop applications in multiple Technologies, PHP, WordPress, Joomla...

We are experts in web application development.  Our talented staff has developed commercial-grade and custom enterprise applications for several Fortune 500 companies.

We specialize in helping web-based businesses begin or improve their online presence. Offering a wide range of services necessary in the Internet industry, we can help your company maximize its potential.

Employing rapid development techniques, we can create robust applications quicker and at a lower cost, which allows prototyping of a concept in a multi-phase rollout, which is perfect for “testing the waters”.

We are a LAMP-stack development firm, having specialized in this architecture for over 6 years. Our typical solution includes use of PHP, Qi, Zend, WordPress, Joomla, MySQL and jQuery in a highly stable Linux distribution.

Some of our specific areas of expertise include high-traffic deployments, multi-media application development, access control systems, high-level reporting applications, SOAP, and EDI.

Web Design

SOFTBOLT design staff include some of the most lauded and sought-after professionals. Having serviced some of the biggest brands in the world, our team have invented an iterative process to web design that allows us to create unique, professional, and highly engaging website designs for our clients that boost business results in a proven way. Furthermore, we try to approach every design we create with a timeless style that will establish a beautiful, lasting image for our clients’ brands.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the improvement of your website’s ability to generate traffic naturally, or organically, through the use of a multifaceted approach to web design and promotion that makes your website more attractive to Search Engines.

Following is an outline of SOFTBOLT’s tried and true process for maximum SEO results:

This pre-SEO activity involves the use of special tools to determine which keywords are the most popular in Internet searches (search density), and which are have the highest search density per number of competitors. By first determining which keywords will yield the most traffic, you can launch a more effective SEO campaign.

Once we have determined the keywords and phrases that will work best for your website, we begin the key component of SEO – Page Optimization. This is the dissection and reconstruction of the pages of your website to make them optimal for search engine parsing and comprehension. The process of page optimization includes:

1. Copywriting

The first step of Page Optimization, copywriting, is also the most important. In this step, we alter the content of each page of your website so that it both delivers your marketing message well and targets your keywords appropriately. As a part of the copywriting effort, we essentially optimize each page of your website to drive specifically targeted traffic to it. This is absolutely necessary in the implementation of your SEO strategy, because you want your website to remain a congruous whole, with comprehensive, well-thought-out content, while still bringing the traffic to you. There’s no point getting people to your website if all they see when they arrive is gibberish!

2. Element and Attribute Keyphrasing

In addition to rewriting and optimizing your copy, we optimize the code of your website so that the elements and attributes parsed by search engines are optimized for your chosen keywords. We follow a standardized pattern for the implementation of keywords in HTML markup, including:

  1. Keyphrase-oriented page title, meta-description, and meta-keywords elements
  2. Keyphrase-oriented page header (h1) element
  3. Multiple variations on keyphrase-oriented sub-header (h2) elements
  4. Images named, alt-tagged, and captioned with selected, appropriate keywords.

3. Semantic Markup

Semantic Markup is an often overlooked, but necessary component to SEO. This involves making sure that your website uses W3C-validated XHTML and CSS, tableless layout, and error-free coding. The importance of this step is to ensure that the computers trying to read your website will be able to do so. If the code on the back-end of your website is poorly written, it doesn’t matter how good everything else is!

4. Flash Limitations

In the process of optimizing your website, we may suggest limitation of specific Flash elements to non-critical content, as Flash content cannot be read by most search engines, and is given little weight even by the ones that can read it.

In addition to the core SEO services explained above, SOFTBOLT also offers the following, more advanced SEO services:

1. Back-Link Acquisition

Back-Links are very simply explained – they are links from other websites to your website. Back-Links are without question the most important single aspect in the entire SEO process, as the “link popularity” (the number and importance of websites linking to yours) is a key aspect of search engine ranking of websites. However, this is also the most difficult part in the process. To accomplish the successful positioning of your website, SOFTBOLT will implement a continued back-link acquisition effort over several months, tapering off as your link popularity rises.

Why are Back-Links Difficult to Acquire?

The important part of back-link-acquisition is knowing where and how to get back-links. The vast majority of SEO companies will simply submit a website to link directories or other indices to generate back-links. This will typically offer little help, though, because Search Engines are intelligent, ranking your website’s back-links based upon many factors, one of the most important being how well the site linking to you is related to your own. In other words, the most effective back-links you can get are from your competitors! As you can imagine, getting your competitors to link to your website is no easy task to accomplish, so other avenues have to be pursued, usually an ongoing effort and sometimes involving the temporary purchase of text links.

2. Natural Back-Link Development

The entire basis of the back-link algorithm is the philosophy that websites with important or valuable content will get links from other websites. Thus, the best way to get back-links with minimal effort is to create a website that actually contains valuable content. While this isn’t an easy model to apply to most commercial websites, SOFTBOLT is an expert in helping you develop link-worthy content and also to create systems that will perpetuate the development of additional valuable content over time. This eventually leads to “natural” back-linking, which eliminates the need for continued, “forced” SEO efforts.

3. URL Rewriting

URL Rewriting is a two-faceted approach to improving the optimization of dynamically-generated websites by eliminating querystrings from URLs and replacing them with keyphrase-oriented, “Search Engine Friendly” (SEF) URLs. The first step of URL rewriting involves the creation of a script that tells your server how to interpret SEF URLs and translate them into a format that your back-end will understand. The second step involves rewriting the output of all of your pages so that URLs are generated using the new SEF format instead of the old querystring parameters. Once this is done, your dynamic website’s SE ranking will improve as much as 50%.

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