The SDLC process is critical to success. Errors at any phase or cross-functional stage are exponentially costly. A significant function of the process must be the ability to detect issues before they become costly problems. The key to success is effective checks and balances implemented at all stages of the development lifecycle. Our philosophy is to discover and collaborate with all the vested parties, as early as possible and at all critical steps, in order to facilitate success.

Diagram with SDLC process methodology

Gathering requirements and analysis is not only about creating a knowledge base and conceptual definition of a system, but also an ongoing research and development effort that provides the opportunity to lay the foundation and strategically plan ahead for the product lifecycle. Through effective knowledge transfers and interrogations, we work with our clients to discover, develop and maintain all functional elements in depth.

Architecture and design directly affect the return on software investments. Simplicity, elegance and robustness are the centerpieces of ACAP solutions that provide the framework for ongoing success and the foundation for system quality and agility. Through interactive sessions with key technical and business personnel, together with analysis of existing source code and lifecycle artifacts, we help clients pinpoint issues before they become costly problems that obstruct development efforts and business objectives.

We employ the latest, most applicable CASE tools, platforms and frameworks, enabling us to custom-fit solutions quickly and efficiently. Our developers are experts in Object Oriented Design and Programming as well as in Software Design Patterns. We deliver complete, cohesive, easily reusable solutions utilizing automated test platforms that make maintenance and regression testing as simple as possible.

Quality assurance needs can vary greatly depending on the nature of the project and where it is in the lifecycle. We offer a very flexible approach to QA using state-of-the-art defect tracking and change management platforms. We ensure complete quality control through objective and independent development of QA specifications, as well as execution of capacity, regression, conformance, deployment, integration and acceptance testing.

SOFTBOLT solutions are based on a thorough understanding of your business’s unique operating environment and the state of relevant current and emerging technologies.

Our Business Models:

For projects in which scope and specifications can be clearly defined, our fixed time / fixed price model offers you an ideal low-risk option with guaranteed on-time and on-budget delivery. All deliverables, costs and timelines are meticulously planned.

For projects in which scope and specifications cannot be easily defined or a tighter strategic integration with your product team and a variable bandwidth is desired.

Through our infrastructure and distributed software development lifecycle management (SDLC) expertise, we provide the right teams that seamlessly integrate into your organization. Our lightweight and thorough processes ensure exceptional success as well as maximum agility without the administrative overhead of resourcing and managing the teams.

With our joint venture model, we can share the costs, risks and revenues of your intellectual property investments.

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