Mobile Development

We have been creating mobile applications since 1997 when the Palm Pilot appeared and since then we have walked a long path. From Windows CE devices (Dell, Compaq, HP) to actual iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. In 2008 we started building applications for the iPhone. Our first app (an spanish version of Pandora Radio) reached the Top 1 in the Music Category in February 2010 (after a little over one year in the App Store). It was downloaded more than 300000 times and in more than 20 countries. We translated it to all the available languages in the iPhone and created an iPad version for the launch of the first iPad.

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

We develop applications for iPhone 5

With the appearance of some key features in iOS 6, applications now are able to perform tasks that were unthinkable before. You can select our development services and receive the latest and greatest features in your Apps. We also have experience in making your application multi-lingual, with Spanish/English speaking developers and translators to any other language available in iOS 6. We can assist in the publication of your application in any of the mobile stores or your own Enterprise environment. We now develop applications adapted also for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 and redesign existing applications to take advantage of the new screen size of 4 inches and with all the new features and APIs available:

  • New Apple Maps
  • iCloud App Integration
  • Passbook App Integration
  • Integration of SIRI in Apps
  • New Facebook Integration
  • New Twitter Integration
  • New Camera Capabilities and Edition
  • And Many More


We develop applications for iPhone 5

Utilizing our JAVA acquired experience since 1996 we have converted several applications from iOS to Android. We are familiar with all the different Android shapes (mobiles and tablets) as well as some embedded systems that now are running Android as well as Google TV. We have found and resolved numerous challenges with older versions of Android OS and adapted our applications to be able to run with different hardware and software versions. For embedded systems and when required, SOFTBOLT can support device developers throughout the entire product life cycle, from product requirements all the way through deployment, with complete Android services, including:

  • Custom board ports
  • Extending I/O support
  • Integration of product or industry-specific middleware
  • Application development
  • Functional, stress and performance testing, and benchmarking
  • Integration and support services

Windows Phone

We develop applications for iPhone 5

Windows Phone 7 is a new mobile phone operating system, based on Windows 7, which offers updated functionality and powerful platform for development. Windows 7 application development is supported by Silverlight, XNA, and the .NET Compact Framework 4. SOFTBOLT provides you with a possibility to start your own Windows Phone 7 app development without any extra efforts on organizational issues and expenses. Our company possesses experienced mobile application developers who are outstanding professionals in Windows Phone 7 apps. Our skilled and dedicated specialists apply the required Windows Phone 7 development tools that helps to achieve the most efficient results.

  • Windows Phone 7 strategy and consulting
  • Windows Phone 7 UI Design with Expression Blend
  • Server-side Back-end Implementation
  • Desktop Apps Porting to Windows Phone 7t
  • Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Development
  • M-Commerce Integration


Some of the Features of our Applications

  • Connect to Web Services (NSXMLParser) and created custom Android and Windows Phone parsers
  • Create local databases (SQLite) and perform operations in remote databases through SOAP and REST
  • Play and Record Music and Video (CoreMedia, AVFoundation, AudioToolBox ). As well as video edition and audio mixing
  • Have inApp Purchase capabilities (StoreKit) and integrate other monetization techniques as iAd and adMob
  • Utilize the GPS and Maps (CoreLocation) with reverse geolocation, POI and regions
  • Show ads from iAd and Google and other advertisement aggregators
  • Upload Content to YouTube and Custom sites with POST and ASIHTTPR 
  • Integrate third-party services (Apoxee, Flurry, TestFlight…)
  • Utilize third-party libraries (ZBar, ASIHTTPR…)
  • Bluetooth and Network communications
  • Push Notifications as well as local notifications

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